About Mega Evolution in EV-GEAR 2.1

As you may have seen in the ChangeLog, EV-GEAR 2.1 supports the Generation 6 games X and Y. These games introduced a new game mechanic known as Mega Evolution which EV-GEAR 2.1 will also support. It may not be quite so straightforward to some, so I will explain how it works in EV-GEAR.

First of all, since Mega Evolution is a new concept, it will only be available when a Generation 6 game version is selected and a Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution is selected. When those two conditions are met, a small button will appear to the left of the Pokémon’s image on the main view.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 29, 2014 11.29.46 PM

All you have to do is tap this button and Mega Evolution occurs. The button will illuminate to let you know Mega Evolution has occurred.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 29, 2014 11.30.20 PMHowever, some Pokémon have more than one Mega Evolution. On the Settings screen in EV-GEAR, there is a new option to choose the Mega Evolution you prefer if the selected Pokémon has more than one.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 29, 2014 11.33.48 PMCurrently, there are only two Pokémon who have more than one Mega Evolution, but that could change in the future with the release of new Generation 6 games or even with updates to the current games.

Since Mega Evolution is a temporary state that exists only in battle and ends with the battle, Mega Evolution will be switched off automatically at certain times in EV-GEAR. When the user opens the Pokémon selection screen, loads a Pokémon from the Party, or taps the “Save” button on the Settings screen, Mega Evolution will end. Just tap the Mega Evolution button again to restore it.

I hope this will be a useful and easy to use feature for everyone. Please feel free to reply to this post with your comments about Mega Evolution in EV-GEAR. A valid E-mail address is not required to comment.

News – Generation 6 Updates and EV-GEAR for iOS 2.1

Long awaited support for Generation 6 games is coming soon to EV-GEAR for iOS 2.1. Generation 6 support will include only the definite known information about these games as some information is still unknown. For example, some recently discovered legendary Pokémon will not be included until later because they have not been officially announced yet.

Generation 6 includes a new game mechanic wherein the player can use the move Sweet Scent to trigger a horde encounter 100% of the time in locations where horde encounters are possible. For those who don’t know, a horde encounter is where the player battles 5 wild Pokémon at once. They are often all the same species which is very advantageous for those who still want to EV train the old fashioned way (without Super Training). So, many of the training areas for the current Generation 6 games will be labeled with “(Sweet Scent)” to indicate a horde encounter, but there will also be some areas included that won’t use Sweet Scent.

Along with Generation 6 support, this version will include bug fixes, including a rather major one which only affects users storing multiple custom training areas in 2 or more game versions. I have already solved this bug and included most Generation 6 information. Still on the todo list is to create a way to use Mega evolutions in EV-GEAR. My plan is to create a Mega On/Off switch for the Pokémon who can use it rather than simply include them as separate Pokémon in the list. I feel this way is more appropriate because Mega evolution is a temporary state. Here’s a small preview.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 26, 2014 9.42.43 PM

EV-Gear Free 2.0 for iOS submitted to App Store

EV-Gear Free 2.0 for iOS has been submitted to the App Store for review. Here is the ChangeLog for this version:

  • Compatible with iOS 5, 6, and 7.
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPad
  • Support for all Generation 5 games
  • Save the training progress of up to 6 Pokémon and pick up where you left off with the new party system
  • Create an unlimited amount of customized training areas and item sets
  • Calculate your Pokémon’s IVs with the new IV Calculator

My apologies for the delay in this release, but there were many things to work out and bugs to squash. This should be a solid release. Additional updates are in the works to add support for Generation 6. Stay tuned.

News – EV-Gear Free 2.0 for iOS Information

EV-Gear Free 2.0 development is taking more time than I had anticipated, but I am working on it and I aim to finish it as soon as possible. In addition to implementing iAds, there are also many graphics that need to be redone at a new size to accommodate the reduced app space. The only missing functionality in this version will be the Level Up button on 3.5″ iPhone/iPod Touch devices. The reason for this is not to purposely cripple the software, but because there is simply no screen space for the button on these devices. Other devices, such as 4″ iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, will have the Level Up button, always uncovered, and all other features. Also, it is not 100% certain at this time, but there may be interstitial iAds on the iPad, depending on how well it works with EV-GEAR. If you like EV-GEAR, please consider supporting development by upgrading to the full version.

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A Bug and a Workaround

A bug in EV-GEAR 2 was brought to my attention recently thanks to Michael Zangara. If you used EV-GEAR 1 on your device and then update to EV-GEAR 2 while the custom training area is the selected training area, you may experience a crash while attempting to change the training area in EV-GEAR 2. I will be releasing an update which, on the first run of the app, will convert EV-GEAR 1 custom area data for EV-GEAR 2. This will have the added effect of fixing the crash. I apologize for this bug and for the delay in the release of the free version of EV-GEAR 2.

In the meantime, if you experience this bug, you can workaround it by creating a custom training area named “Custom”. You will then be able to change the custom training area and the app will function normally.

UPDATE 01/18/2014: The bug discussed here is now fixed in EV-GEAR 2.0.1, which is currently awaiting App Store review.