News – EV-Gear Free 2.0 for iOS Information

EV-Gear Free 2.0 development is taking more time than I had anticipated, but I am working on it and I aim to finish it as soon as possible. In addition to implementing iAds, there are also many graphics that need to be redone at a new size to accommodate the reduced app space. The only missing functionality in this version will be the Level Up button on 3.5″ iPhone/iPod Touch devices. The reason for this is not to purposely cripple the software, but because there is simply no screen space for the button on these devices. Other devices, such as 4″ iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, will have the Level Up button, always uncovered, and all other features. Also, it is not 100% certain at this time, but there may be interstitial iAds on the iPad, depending on how well it works with EV-GEAR. If you like EV-GEAR, please consider supporting development by upgrading to the full version.

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A Bug and a Workaround

A bug in EV-GEAR 2 was brought to my attention recently thanks to Michael Zangara. If you used EV-GEAR 1 on your device and then update to EV-GEAR 2 while the custom training area is the selected training area, you may experience a crash while attempting to change the training area in EV-GEAR 2. I will be releasing an update which, on the first run of the app, will convert EV-GEAR 1 custom area data for EV-GEAR 2. This will have the added effect of fixing the crash. I apologize for this bug and for the delay in the release of the free version of EV-GEAR 2.

In the meantime, if you experience this bug, you can workaround it by creating a custom training area named “Custom”. You will then be able to change the custom training area and the app will function normally.

UPDATE 01/18/2014: The bug discussed here is now fixed in EV-GEAR 2.0.1, which is currently awaiting App Store review.

EV-GEAR 2.0 for iOS submitted to App Store

EV-GEAR 2.0 for iOS has been submitted to the App Store for review. It is important to note that iOS 5 or later is required for this version of EV-GEAR. Here is the ChangeLog for this version:

  • Compatible with iOS 5, 6, and 7.
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPad
  • Support for all Generation 5 games
  • Save the training progress of up to 6 Pokémon and pick up where you left off with the new Party system
  • Create an unlimited amount of customized training areas and item sets
  • Calculate your Pokémon’s IVs with the new IV Calculator

If all goes well and this version is accepted by the App Store, the free version will also be updated.

EV-GEAR 2 for iOS Preview 3

Today, I am happy to report that EV-GEAR 2 for iOS is nearly finished. This will be the last preview before the release. The remaining work to be done consists of re-implementing the themes (colors) and then some thorough testing. The iPhone 5 and iPad interfaces are finally ready to be shown, so the following screenshots are of EV-GEAR’s main view on different types of devices.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 6, 2013 5.03.38 PM


EV-GEAR 2 for iOS on a 4" Retina device


EV-GEAR 2 for iOS on an iPad with Retina display

After nearly a year of development, EV-GEAR 2 is finally coming together. I’m not going to get into much detail in this preview, but I plan to post a detailed tutorial in the near future about how to use EV-GEAR 2.

There is one more thing. Originally, I didn’t plan to include this feature in EV-GEAR and it was somewhat of a last minute addition, but it’s probably the most requested feature in the App Store reviews and I think many people will find it useful. So, here is the EV-GEAR IV Calculator.

EV-GEAR's IV Calculator

My goal is to have an EV-GEAR 2 for iOS release before the new Generation 6 games are released in October. With EV-GEAR 2′s improved under-the-hood design, adding support for new games should be quite easy and quick once the game information is available on the Internet. I appreciate everyone’s patience and I assure you EV-GEAR 2 will be worth the wait.

EV-GEAR 2 for iOS Preview 2

Hello again! It’s been a while since the last update so I wanted to share the progress I’ve made. With the Party feature being mostly complete, my focus these past few months has been the custom training areas. The design was a bit of a challenge, but implementation was even more challenging for me. So, without further adieu, here is the new custom training area list.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 11, 2013 12.54.29 AM

Normal mode

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 11, 2013 12.55.04 AM

Editing mode

It starts with an empty list and ends with the limits of your iOS device’s storage. The “Edit” button enables editing mode (obviously) and then becomes a done button (which disables editing mode) and enables the + button. The + button adds a new custom area. Let’s tap it now.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 11, 2013 12.56.01 AM

Behold the new custom training area editor. In EV-GEAR 2, custom training areas are sorted by game version, so you can add the same area to multiple game versions with different area Pokémon. When adding a new custom area, the new area will be added to the currently selected game version’s training areas. Each custom training area has a note associated with it so you can enter information such as the EVs gained there, etc. Let’s add Route 1 to Black 2.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 11, 2013 2.25.59 AM

Now we’ve got all the details filled in, let’s tap save to add this new area.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jun 11, 2013 2.45.13 AM

There, now Route 1 and any other custom training areas will appear at the bottom of the training area selection picker. In this way, you can have an unlimited amount of custom training areas and you could even add every area in the games if you so desired. If we decided we don’t want to use this custom area anymore, it can be deleted in editing mode or by using the iOS swipe right gesture to reveal the delete button. If we wanted to change something about the custom area, it’s as simple as tapping it in the list and editing it in the same manner as before. However, the game version associated with a custom training area cannot be changed.

As for the remaining development, there’s still a fair amount of work left. Most of the features are implemented but still need polishing and there is a bit of graphics work to be done to accommodate the iPhone 5 and iPad interfaces. Rest assured, I will be hard at work on these remaining aspects and hope to have a release within the next month or two. More updates to come, stay tuned!

EV-GEAR 2 for iOS Preview 1

Development of the next version of EV-GEAR for iOS, which will be version 2.0, is progressing steadily. Some of you may be growing impatient or losing interest at this point, so I want to share some information and screenshots with you all today.

First, much of the interface of EV-GEAR 2.0 will look familiar since it is similar. The iPad and Retina 4-inch interfaces are not yet ready to show, but they are in the works. The major new feature I will discuss today is the Party. The Party is where you can switch between 6 Pokémon you are training. The Party is accessed from the redesigned Pokémon selection screen, which brings us to the first screenshot.

As you can see, the selected Pokémon is displayed with its type(s), EV yield, and some nice, friendly instructions. By tapping the Party button in the top left corner, you can access the Party, which initially looks like this.

Behold the Party. This is where you can switch between your Pokémon and do other things like save their progress and delete them. The first step is to tap on one of the 6 slots. Then, you will have to make a choice.

This should be fairly self-explanitory. The save button will save the currently loaded Pokémon to the selected Party slot. The load button will load the Pokémon saved to the selected Party slot. The delete button will remove the selected Pokémon from the Party. Let’s tap the save button for now.

As you can see, the Pokémon has been saved to the Party. Now, I can start training another Pokémon, save that one to another slot when I’m finished, and pick up where I left off with Charizard later.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small preview of EV-GEAR 2 for iOS. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you liked or didn’t like. There will be more preview posts coming soon so stay tuned.

EV Training Area Suggestion

People have different preferences when EV training. If you have a favorite EV training spot that you’d like to see in EV-GEAR, I want to hear about it. I will consider all suggestions from any games, but EV-GEAR should contain only the best EV training spots, so make a case for your EV training spot and tell me why you like it. A good EV training spot should have at least a 50% chance of encountering Pokémon who provide EVs for a certain stat. An ideal EV training spot contains a Pokémon with a 100% encounter rate (or two Pokémon with a 50% encounter rate who each provide EVs for the same stat, etc.) and is also easily accessible (for example, not deep inside of a cave).

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